Olive Wood, the Blog
We’re so excited! Today, after much eager anticipation, we finally have the first shipment of olive wood sitting in (ok, taking up most of) the living room. The products cleared customs this morning. No impostor handbags here. Only real, honest-to-goodness, handcrafted, fragrant, and deliciously beautiful pieces of olive wood. We can hardly contain ourselves. Each package is filled with objects more beautiful than the next. Just holding these pieces in your hands, you can feel how special they are, and how much heart and soul is in each piece. It takes a lot of experience to learn how to shape and craft olive wood, and it clearly shows in these pieces.

First off, olive wood has a very different grain, with no two trees alike. This means that the woodworker really needs to work hard to understand the wood, to be able to visualize how a particular grain is going to look when cut in a particular way, or even how to incorporate a natural knot in the wood into the final piece. Secondly, olive wood, well it’s a hard wood, like really hard. This means that to shape it and bend it and work it, you need to be firm with your cuts, and know your limits as well as the limits of the wood. The art of woodworker is passed down through the generations, and our artisans have spent their lives polishing and perfecting their craft. When you hold a piece in your hands, you can almost feel the very soul of the woodworker making each piece sing!

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